What I Did On My Holidays

Chapter 3

Sydney to Narita

Day 1

Ten hours is a long time to be sitting down in a plane. I don't think I've ever spent so much of one day sitting down. I'll be breaking my PB later in this holiday. It doesn't help that today is two hours longer than usual (I hope my boss doesn't start aiming for twenty-six hour days as standard.) and also that it started two hours earlier than I'd like.

Flying _Japan_ Airlines is a bit different to Qantas or Ansett. Lunch turned up with chopsticks. Rice, tiny airline seat spacing, a touch of turbulence, and chopsticks. Ha!

Clouds are much more fun to watch from a plane and not just because you get to sit in full sun at the same time. From ground level, you usually only get a flattened perspective of the clouds. From the sky, the ground is flattened, with mountain ranges reduced to ripples, while the clouds rule the air above. Unfortunately, words, especially words from an engineer, don't do this justice. But what's another injustice in this world?

From the air, the sea can take on the look of tarnished metal, no make that burnished metal. Shadows from clouds leave dark stains upon the ocean and the clouds themselves tower thousands of metres into the air. The white tops of the clouds have a brightness you usually only see in ads for washing detergent. And once the sun starts setting behind the clouds, the colours and the shafts of light look real neat.


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